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“Monsters are unusual creatures, and they need unusual foods to grow. This special large farm lets you grow every monster’s favorite foods! Bizarrtichokes Spineapples, and more!”
  — Game Description 

Leaflion food.png

Level: 7
Cost: 45,000Coin20px1.png
Bulid Time: 16 hours
Sells for: 6,700Coin20px1.png
Exp Gained: ?XP.png

The Large Farm is an upgraded version of the Farm and offers extra crop choices .

Food Type Time Cost Food Gained Exp Gained Cost/Food Food/Hour
Spineapples.pngSpineapples 00:30 50Coin20px1.png 10 1XP.png 5Coin20px1.png 1200
Bizartichokes.pngBizartichokes 3:00 180Coin20px1.png 30 4XP.png 6Coin20px1.png 600
Gloranges.pngGloranges 1:00:00 1,000Coin20px1.png 75 6XP.png 13.3Coin20px1.png 75
Tikiwis.pngTikiwis 5:00:00 4,800Coin20px1.png 325 32XP.png 14.8Coin20px1.png 65
Badnanas.pngBadnanas 8:00:00 8,000Coin20px1.png 475 52XP.png 16.8Coin20px1.png 59.375
Werewheat.pngWerewheat 20:00:00 20,000Coin20px1.png 850 130XP.png 23.6Coin20px1.png 42.5